Coach Jerry Carpentier

In the midst of more questions than answers in the sports world, Santa Gertrudis Independent School District Athletic Director Arturo Lozano found some time to find the head coach of his high school football program.

Jerry Carpentier was recently named next season’s Santa Gertrudis Academy High School head football coach.

Carpentier is coming to Kingsville from Freer, where he served as head football coach and athletic director.

Carpentier has a brief history in Kingsville, serving as the offensive coordinator for H.M. King High School for two seasons under former head coach Teddy Carrier.

Carpentier has been coaching football for 17 years, beginning his career at Banquete for 10 years, before moving on to McAllen Memorial and ending up at HMK.

He then served as the head coach for Bruni before leaving to go to Freer, and now he makes his return to Kingsville.

“(We are) very excited about being able to work with Coach Carpentier.” Lozano said. “He has always set expectations high for his athletes and we are confident he will run a football program that not only will be successful on the field, but also successful in producing young men that will make their families, school and community proud.”

In a phone interview with the Kingsville Record, Carpentier said he and Lozano have a history together in coaching, and Carpentier felt when he saw Lozano was the AD, he could be a fit as head coach for football.

“He and I have known each other for quite a while, with our coaching experience and having coached against each other and knowing each other for a long time, once he became athletic director, I thought it would be a good fit.”

Carpentier said their coaching philosophies and their stances on how a program should be run mesh well together, which made the choice to come to Kingsville that much more intriguing.

Carpentier said his small history in Kingsville also made the choice to apply for the position an easy one, as he enjoyed the town and all it has to offer.

Once Carpentier was notified the position was his, he said he felt excitement about being able to take the program to a new place and hopefully be successful.

“You always want to be challenged,” Carpentier said. “You always want to be able to move somewhere to be able to experience success and you get excited about it especially with, going into a new environment. You get different kids, a different school district and you it’s more than excitement really just to kind of get ready to take on the challenges that you’re going to face when you get there.”

Carpentier said the biggest challenge will be meeting his new athletes because of the limitations brought on by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s order extending school closures until May 4.

Carpentier said not being able to work with the kids for spring ball will be hard for him and coaches across the state, but he is sure when all the restrictions are lifted, getting to work on turning the program around will be worth the wait.

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