Bridgett Vidaurri

A new face is now in charge of the H.M. King volleyball program after Coach Dee Rangel decided to step down from the position before the start of the season.

Kingsville Independent School District Athletic Director Michael Davila said he recently appointed Bridgett Vidaurri as the new head coach for the Lady Brahmas.

“It was an easy transition from just flip-flopping their roles from (Rangel) going to middle school and Bridgett coming from the middle school to the high school,” Davila said. “She’s worked closely with our girls throughout the summer with speed camp and individual time that we were allowed in the summer. So, you know those were important things in the decision. She does a great job, both in the classroom and on the court. So, I think her knowledge of the game, her passion, her energy, all that was an easy decision for me to make.”

Vidaurri in an interview Tuesday said she was humbled to have received the position, even though she didn’t have a lot of time before the season started.

“I feel blessed,” Vidaurri said. “First of all, it’s been a crazy journey; I think it happened so fast. I’m really excited because it’s something that I eventually wanted anyway, and I ran under Rangel when I was in high school. So, being able to come in and be recommended for the position, I was just really grateful for it and excited.”

Vidaurri said the “learning curve” between her and her athletes has been fast paced, but worth it.

“It’s been really fun getting to know the girls,” Vidaurri said. “We’ve only had a little bit of time together because it came super fast, but there is a strong foundation that we’re working off of, and being able to tweak it to my taste or how I think, you know, things are going to be run. The girls have been really on board and they’re excited.”

Vidaurri is a 2007 graduate of H.M. King High School, and is a former player for the Lady Brahmas. As a senior, her team made it into the third round of the playoffs, and she said that previous experience is the catalyst for her leading a high school program for the first time.

“We have a motto, ‘We change the mindset, we can change the game.’ So, that’s what we’re sticking with, and we’re going with it full force,” Vidaurri said. “All I’ve learned when I was here, I hope to show (my players) and hope I can help them learn how to compete at a higher level. So we talked about small victories all the time. So anything from the littlest things, we just want to make sure that the girls are aware, winning doesn’t have to always be in a game, but the small victories are going to make us get to the bigger picture.”

After already competing in a tournament, and seeing the potential her team has, Vidaurri said there are a few games coming up that could shape how the second half of their season could unfold. Vidaurri said overall, there’s only one “big picture” goal for her team.

“Playoffs,” Vidaurri said. “We don’t have any small goals. I mean, the little victories are going to be great for a big picture. But at the end of the day, the potential is there. And I think that they definitely have the chance.”

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